The world’s best science-based olive antioxidants skin care

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"One of the best facial moisturizers from around the world."

"Less is often more."

"One of the most promising independent beauty brands to watch in 2022."

"Unrivalled olive antioxidants obtained by the means of science."

"Products rich in Hydroxytyrosol, one of the most powerful antioxidant boosters."

"A soothing, moisturizing oil that leaves skin glowing—not slick."

"Plant-based, lightweight, non-greasy facial oil, and a gentle, ultra-hydrating lotion."

Antioxidant Boost

Antioxidant Cream Mosturizer

Join the community of professors, students, educators, artists, gardeners, caretakers, and everyone in between.



Skin care is preservation, like a healthy eating pattern and exercise. Our mission is to blur the unnecessary border between health and beauty.


Our formulations are damage defenders that help the skin stay and act healthy for longer.


We believe that by removing stressors and using fewer, but efficacious ingredients, we can return to skin balance – the root of good skin health.


Our products support your skin’s barrier using gentle ingredients formulated at a suitable pH.


Often our skin problems stem from overtreatment or misuse. We believe in products with correct and effective ingredients and consistent gestures.


Our technologically advanced face oils are converted with Enzymes, producing skin-compatible free fatty acids which nourish the skin and support the skin barrier.


We look at Nature to replicate the protective mechanism plants have perfected over the million years of their existence.


Browse our products to create your ritual for healthy skin.


We created Beauty Thinkers to be a collective of Researchers, Creatives, Thinkers, who can collaborate and exchange knowledge, reflect on the current approach to beauty and skincare and question it, with the ultimate goal of improving it. Enter the conversation.




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Daily routine

Mindfully hyper connected. We put the diffused reliance on social media to the best use we can, by creating a place for education, guidance, sharing and attunement, on platforms that feel familiar, effortless and habitual. Let’s reclaim cyber space for our physical well-being.


AC (Antioxidant Cream) infuses olive derived antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients to help you build a daily nourishing ritual for your skin.

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Beauty is a journey that with time brings us back to ourselves. Meet Isabella.

The ideas stated in this video are the interviewee's spontaneous thoughts and opinions. Nothing was scripted, instructed or rehearsed. Although their honest words add pieces to the puzzle of what Beauty Thinkers stands for, views expressed may not necessarily and entirely represent us as a Collective. The goal is exchange of information and healthy dialogue. Always.

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To listen to your body and understand what it needs is a process that takes time, attention and patience, but the final result will be worth it, we promise.

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After a relaxing, but short shower, apply AB (Antioxidant Boost), our enzyme activated oil, while you're still damp, to lock in precious moisture for nourished, soft, and glowing healthy skin.

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AB (Antioxidant Boost) is a multi-use oil that combines modern biotechnology and the efficacy of olives ripened under the warm Umbrian sun to make your winter nourishing rituals sunnier and more effective.

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