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Vitamin C or Hydroxytyrosol? Which is the best choice for your skin?

Much has been written and said about the benefits of vitamin C for the skin: if you have landed here, you probably know that l-ascorbic acid is now considered as a real superstar among the INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient – internationally recognized names for ingredients on cosmetic labels, listed in descending order of percentage used).

Its worldwide fame is due to an improvement in the appearance of skin tone and a more uniform texture. Keep reading to know why vitamin C has been increasingly receiving attention from cosmetic industry and if you need to incorporate it in your daily skin care routine.

What are the benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C has become a game-changer in our skincare routine, acting as an anti-inflammatory agent through its high antioxidant capacity. When used consciously and according to common sense, it works as an effective scavenger of reactive oxygen species (ROS).

However, those who use cosmetic products based on vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid must know that there may be contraindications and/or side effects. While it can be very efficacious there are some considerations to determine if it is the right antioxidant treatment for you.

The main reason why some skin types react badly to vitamin C is that L-ascorbic acid is very unstable and oxidizes when exposed to air, light, and heat. Oxidation causes vitamin C to become less potent over time and eventually inactive.

The telltale sign of oxidation is when the product turns progressively darker and eventually a dark brown. No one wants to throw money away – a good vitamin C product should be bottled in an airless packaging system and stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight (better yet, in your skin care drawer).

To increase stability and absorption, vitamin C products are often formulated at a low acidic pH (2-3.5). For those with sensitive skin, this may cause skin irritation, an undesirable side effect.

Sometimes, products are formulated at even lower acidic pH level which even persons without skin sensitivity might find irritating. As every person is different and reacts differently, it is really trial-and-error to discover the right product and pH level that works for you. 

When introducing vitamin C into your routine, start slowly to build up skin tolerance. Choose a lower formulaic percentage and a less acidic pH. Gradually, if right for you, you can progressively increase the percentages with lower acidic pH levels.

As a general precaution, vitamin C, retinol, and chemical exfoliants should be used separately on alternating evenings. That is, none of them should be used together on the same evening as this can cause skin irritation and sensitivity.

When used in the morning, follow vitamin C with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. 

Why Hydroxytyrosol is the best alternative to Vitamin C

So, vitamin C may not be for everyone. Is this a dead end for those who experienced irritation from using it, but still want to add a powerful antioxidant to their skin care routine? Not at all!

We have good news for you. There is an equally efficacious antioxidant alternative to vitamin C, which is even easier to use: Hydroxytyrosol. Vitamin C is frequently marketed as the point of refence for the antiaging benefits of antioxidants.

Before going on, we’d like to point out that we don’t support the use of the word “antiaging” in cosmetic industry, as we think it is a misleading, out of date and misogynistic marketing term.

The truth is that there are no miracle creams that can reverse time. Antioxidants are not antiaging, but pro-aging and fundamental in preventative skin care.

Hydroxytyrosol is the new star of antioxidant skin care (pronounced high-droxy-tie-row-soul). It is the phytocomplex antioxidant born from olive, olive leaves, and olive oil. While vitamin C is famous all over the world, Hydroxytyrosol is actually the skin care industry’s best kept secret. Industry insiders know very well its true antioxidant benefits: an extremely high antioxidant activity and efficacy, stability, and equally important, gentleness.

So, why is it not more famous? Why is it not more widely used? Because it is notoriously difficult to formulate. No one has been able to harness its true antioxidant capacity. Until now.

Before we compare, let’s look at the similarity between vitamin C and Hydroxytyrosol. They are the two best antioxidants in cosmetics to scavenge free radicals. Free radicals disrupt healthy skin cells and can breakdown collagen and elastin which can lead to premature aging (think fine lines and skin sagging).

The biggest generator of free radicals? The sun and pollution, both of which we cannot escape in modern life. Hydroxytyrosol and vitamin C effectively neutralizes free radicals.

So, what’s different about Hydroxytyrosol? Importantly, a landmark study has shown that Hydroxytyrosol recharges vitamin C. To compare, Resveratrol, another famous antioxidant active, found in grapes, is unable to do it. The study investigated the effects of daily administration of purified Hydroxytyrosol in fourteen volunteers for 8 weeks.

The results showed that vitamin C increased by two-fold at predetermined intervals (after 4 and 8 weeks) compared with levels at baseline, indicating a physiologically relevant antioxidant function for Hydroxytyrosol through increasing endogenous vitamin C levels (E. Lopez-Huertas, J. Fonolla, Hydroxytyrosol supplementation increases vitamin C levels in vivo. A human volunteer trial, Redox Biol 11, 384-389, 2017).

Recall earlier, that vitamin C, and namely its most efficacious form, l-ascorbic acid, is highly unstable and oxidizes easily. Hydroxytyrosol, on the other hand, is more stable and studies have shown it can survive in oxidizing environments. Therefore, its antioxidant activity remains efficacious and potent for longer (see: Avola R. et al., Hydroxytyrosol from olive fruits prevents blue-light-induced damage in human keratinocytes and fibroblasts, J Cell Physiol, 2019).

Since Hydroxytyrosol is more stable, it does not need to be formulated at an acidic pH like vitamin C. At Beauty Thinkers, we formulate at a skin compatible pH between 5-5.5 (a crucial factor for persons with sensitive skin).

A neutral pH also means that you can immediately use Hydroxytyrosol daily. You don’t need to slowly build up skin tolerability to avoid skin irritation caused by a low acidic pH formulation. This also means, you can use Hydroxytyrosol on the same evenings as retinol or chemical exfoliants (NOTE: retinol and chemical exfoliants should still not be used together on the same evenings).

For those who use these actives, you know how this is a game-changer in terms of time and keeping track of your “on and off” nights.

Finally, remember earlier we mentioned that a good vitamin C product should be bottled in an airless packaging system? At Beauty Thinkers we use an exclusive Italian-designed airless glass bottle which is refillable. Further, all our bottles are completely lacquered to protect our formulations from light while sitting on your shelf. Please still store away from direct sunlight.

While vitamin C is certainly famous around the world and we ourselves love it, consumers must pay attention when using it. It can work terrifically for some, for others it can be too complicated to use, while for still others, it may be inappropriate to their skin conditions.

Hydroxytyrosol is the perfect alternative antioxidant to vitamin C. Which is why we call it the new star of antioxidant potency.

Why we created a Hydroxytyrosol-based skin care line

At Beauty Thinkers, we created a skin care line that promotes the idea of holistic prevention and supports pro-aging.

Small daily gestures can enhance our health and well-being. We pay much attention to our nutrition, we engage in fitness to keep our bodies moving, so why shouldn’t we use the best skin care products to look and feel our absolute healthy best?

We started with the concept of reuse. We have invested in biotech and green chemistry. Our Hydroxytyrosol is exclusively sourced from 1) the upcycling of the press water by-product when producing our own Italian extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and 2) our biotechnologically converted Italian EVOO. In fact, we have invested in research, with a 7-year journey, to learn how to harness the antioxidant power of nature’s best kept secret, Hydroxytyrosol.

Our Olive Extract is upcycled from said press water separated from the milling of our olives, uniquely native of Umbria. Our Antioxidant Cream moisturizing antioxidant serum, formulated with our Olive Extract, contains the highest level of Hydroxytyrosol antioxidant activity in the market today.

Our Enzymatic EVOO, the only Italian Enzymatic EVOO in the world, uses our biotechnologically converted native Umbrian olives. Our Antioxidant Boost Facial Oil, formulated with our Enzymatic EVOO, is the original vanishing texture – it is non-greasy and fast absorbing.

It boosts the antioxidant activity of your favorite products. And unlike all plant-based facial oils which only soften the skin, our Enzymatic EVOO directly supports the skin barrier by nourishing it.

The benefits of Hydroxytyrosol for your skin can be surprising. Did you know that it plays a key role in counteracting the signs of damage caused by blue light-generated free radicals?  

Blue light, also known as high-energy visible (HEV) light, is a color in the visible light spectrum and has recently been reported to cause skin damage. The largest source of blue light is sunlight, but it is also emitted by smartphones, tablets, and computer monitors. However, the amount of blue light exposure we get from digital screens is small if compared to the one from the sun. Blue light activates the production of melanin in our skin, leading to hyperpigmentation.

A recent study has shown that Hydroxytyrosol extracted from olive fruits protects keratinocytes and fibroblasts from blue light-induced damage. This is good news for those who are not big fans of BB creams and foundations (Avola R. et al., Hydroxytyrosol from olive fruits prevents blue-light-induced damage in human keratinocytes and fibroblasts, J Cell Physiol, 2019).

Discover the Hydroxytyrosol difference in all of our Beauty Thinkers products.

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What are ceramides and how they help protect the skin barrier

Winter is coming! It’s the right time to learn more about how to keep your skin happy during the coldest months. Low temperatures, UV rays, air pollution can be the worst enemies of your skin, especially your face and hands, which are more exposed to the elements and so more prone to irritation.

Always listen to what your skin is telling you and give it what it needs to stay well-hydrated and nourished to prevent skin barrier damage. Follow a proper daily skin care routine and you will say goodbye to winter dry and flaky skin!

What is the skin barrier and why you should care about it

The skin barrier is made up of lipids, which are responsible for locking in moisture and keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. Ceramides are the main constituents of the lipids found in the skin barrier (roughly 33%), which is why they have become a powerhouse ingredient in plenty of moisturizing face creams and nourishing skin barrier creams.

The skin barrier serves two basic functions. First, the lipids found in the skin barrier help protect it from harmful environmental threats. Second, they prevent excessive transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

Simply put, the skin barrier helps to keep water in and bacteria/chemicals out. A damaged skin barrier allows water to evaporate quicker and bad threats to enter easier.

Low ceramide levels can cause a damaged skin barrier

When ceramide reserves are running low, our skin becomes dry, itchy and irritated. Low levels of ceramides may be a symptom of dermatological conditions such as acne, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

However, ceramide deficiency and skin barrier damage may also be caused by endogenous factors (originating within the body) and exogenous factors (originating outside the body). Among endogenous factors are genetic predisposition, skin type and age.

Exposure to the sun, harsh climate and cold temperatures are all exogenous factors that can weaken and damage the skin barrier. And, as commonly as, overcleansing and misusing/overusing physical exfoliators (e.g., brushes, scrubs, tools) and chemical exfoliators (e.g., AHAs or alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic and lactic acids).

Therefore, when the skin barrier becomes damaged or impaired, it loses or becomes unable to hold moisture and/or can allow bacteria/chemicals into the skin. More than ever, consumers are interested in how to repair the skin barrier. 

HY 3 (Hydrator 3): how to protect and improve signs of damage to the skin barrier

After years of research, Beauty Thinkers created HY3 (Hydrator 3), an antioxidant treatment clinically proven to help support and protect the skin barrier and counteract the signs of damage.

Rich in skin compatible biotechnological ceramides, free fatty acids and our star ingredient, Hydroxytyrosol, HY3 (Hydrator 3) is not a simple face cream, but rather high-performance skin barrier protection. Skin appears noticeably hydrated, nourished and healthy.

Like with all of our products, HY3 (Hydrator 3) is vegan, and we formulate with a plant-based, biodegradable alternative to silicone, and at the ideal pH level between 5-5.5. It is safe for sensitive skin.

HY3 (Hydrator 3) noticeably improves the signs of damage to the skin barrier in just five days – immediately soothes sensations of irritation, skin appears remarkably vibrant, rebalanced, more uniformed, and nourished. 

A 28-day study conducted on 20 male and female volunteers aged 20-50 for a period of 28 days, using instrumental evaluation, has shown that consistent use of HY3 (Hydrator 3) increases hydration by 60% in 28 days for plumper, smoother looking skin.

This high-performance hydrator can be a real game changer in your skin care routine that will help you to face the cold winter days and everyday life by protecting your skin barrier and restore skin vibrancy.

Why you will love it: HY3 (Hydrator 3) is a highly versatile product that can be used for different purposes. Here are some:

  • For semi-slugging: if you need a boost of hydration and nourishment, you can use it with our AB (Antioxidant Boost), the world’s only Italian Enzymatic EVOO that helps the skin barrier seal in moisture and retain the skin’s water content.
  • You can use it nightly as an overnight mask to directly support and protect the skin barrier.
  • Are you getting ready for a snow holiday? HY3 (Hydrator 3) is the best choice if your skin is going to be exposed to outdoor cold climate.
  • Are you a travel addict? You surely noticed that your skin feels drier, dull and irritated when you fly. This happens because spending several hours in a pressurized and low-humidity cabin thousands of feet up can incredibly dehydrate your skin. HY3 (Hydrator 3) is the high-performance nourishing treatment to apply pre-, mid- and post-flight to help protect your skin from the harsh inflight conditions while keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. 

HY3 (Hydrator 3) stands out for its incomparable soft and silky texture and is recommended for all skin types, climates, and seasons. There are no critical concerns for use in pregnancy or nursing.

Demand more from your face cream. Choose skin vibrancy this winter: experience for yourself the high-performance benefits of HY3 (Hydrator 3) to help prevent and improve signs of damage to the skin barrier.

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Autumn skin care tips for happy skin

Autumn is finally here! We’re now ready for cooler weather, cozy sweaters, hot drinks and – unfortunately – drier skin. It’s not just the leaves and our wardrobe to change with the welcoming of autumn: the way our skin reacts to cooler temperatures changes, too.

We all know that temperatures, humidity levels, and sun exposure vary with each season. Autumn makes no exception: it’s the right time to reassess our go-to skin care routine. You’ll be surprised to learn how a small tweak in your daily beauty habits can make a big difference!

Follow our tips on how to set up the perfect autumn skin care routine and your skin will be ready to face also the colder seasons.

How skin is affected by seasonal changes

Generally speaking, it’s very wise to approach skin care seasonally. As we said, autumn brings with it important changes in the weather, but not only that. We often spend our days in artificially heated environments: moving from a warmer to a colder environment may cause damage to the skin barrier.

Environmental factors such as low humidity may draw moisture from the outermost layer of the skin, causing it to dry out. Moreover, during colder seasons, we generally drink less water. If we add a lower consumption of fruit and vegetables to all this, that’s when our body lacks valuable nutrients. This may also affect the appearance of our face, which may look tight, so that marks and imperfections become more visible. 

We also must consider our age. With the passing of time, our skin needs change. We just have to find the beauty routine that is best suited to our needs

Age gracefully with Beauty Thinkers pro-aging skin care tips

It’s no secret that the signs of time passing gradually appear on our skin as we get older. While skin aging is a natural biological process, an effective skin care routine can help keep the skin healthy and radiant for as long as possible.   

For mature skin, we at Beauty Thinkers have created a routine that guarantees maximum nourishment through the combination of just three products.

To start your day, we recommend our Antioxidant Cream, a daily moisturizer with the correct percentage of Hydroxytyrosol olive extract, Propanediol and Squalane.

Its exclusive formulation offers all the benefits of Hydroxytyrosol: clinical tests have shown that Antioxidant Cream improves the appearance of the skin, making it smoother and even. Moreover, we can see a progressive increase in:

  • collagen (11,6%), 
  • elasticity (8%), 
  • hydration (32,6%).

The test was conducted on 23 female volunteers aged 40-65 for a period of 8 weeks, using instrumental evaluation.

Our Antioxidant Cream can be applied both in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, complete your beauty routine with our moisturizing broad-spectrum UVA UVB SPF 30 Mineral Filter sunscreen. In the evening, after applying a layer of AC, use our Antioxidant Boost, an innovative product which has recently been awarded the 2022 Oprah Beauty O-Ward for Best Face Oil.

Antioxidant Boost provides a boost of Hydroxytyrosol antioxidants and is suitable for dry, normal, and combination skin concerns. It quickly absorbs and leaves no trace of greasiness, thanks to our original EVOO vanishing texture. It’s formulated with only four ingredients: Olea europaea (Olive) fruit oil, C15-19 alkane, Tocopherol, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil.

Our Antioxidant Boost is designed to provide the right nourishment to the skin barrier, thanks to biotechnological free fatty acids that help counteract the effects of skin aging.  

One or two nights a week (3-4 days in-between), Autumn is the right time to start “Semi-Slugging”. Instead of using a highly occlusive petroleum jelly which can clog pores, increase to 3-8 drops of Antioxidant Boost for a nutrient-rich, non-greasy alternative. Seal-in antioxidant actives without the messy linen laundering.

Just awaken to highly nourished, glowing skin.

Autumn skin care routine: our tips to prevent the effects of premature aging

After the age of thirty, the body begins to change”: these are the words that generally describe this crucial age. This also includes changes in our skin; collagen, elastin, and sebum production begins to slow down (skin feels thinner, less elastic, and drier). For many, in fact, the signs of photodamage from our youth start to appear – also known as premature aging.

You may start to experience sensations of irritation, dullness, roughness, dehydration, and dryness – all signs or skin barrier damage.

The skin changes, so our skin barrier can become more prone to sensitization and irritation.  

Typically, this is caused by overuse (e.g., over-cleansing) and misuse (e.g., applying retinoids

during the day) of products. But not only, it can happen unconsciously by using the wrong product (e.g., thinking you have oily skin, when in fact, you don’t) or using overly aggressive products (e.g., stripping cleansers).

To top it off, the modern lifestyle seems to be getting busier and busier, pushing our bodies to do more and favoring the proliferation of free radicals (open-air outdoor music festivals, construction pollution, fast food, insomnia, long-term stress), which are also responsible for skin aging.

From the age of thirty, therefore, we recommend following a skin care routine that aims to keep the skin hydrated (fact, the skin is about 64% water, so a well-hydrated skin is the fundamental starting point of good skin health) and well-moisturized (to help protect the skin barrier which helps to retain skin hydration).

And, if you haven’t already, our final recommendation is using a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily (no matter the season, no matter the place). It’s not just fine lines which start to appear, but UV rays can cause sun spots and uneven texture as well.

In the morning, apply Antioxidant Cream first, and follow with our broad-spectrum UVA UVB SPF30 Mineral Filter sunscreen. Antioxidants are best used during the day for optimum free radical defence and even greater when followed by sunscreen for the ultimate in protection.

In the evening, we recommend applying Hydrator 3 to directly target the signs of skin barrier damage (remember those music festivals? Stressful deadlines?), followed by Antioxidant Boost to awaken with a healthy glow.

Our hydrator contains Hydroxytyrosol Olive Extract and Enzymatic EVOO, Glycerin, Ceramide AP, Ceramide NP, Phytosphingosine, TMG, Illipe Butter, and has been carefully formulated to meet the needs of the most sensitive skin.

Hydrator 3 is a powerful nourishing antioxidant treatment that restores lifeless, dull skin. Skin appears noticeably vibrant, hydrated, nourished, more even, and soothed. Clinical tests have shown that consistent use of HY3 improves effects of skin barrier damage in just five days, reduces effects of skin barrier damage by up to 60%, increases hydration by 60%, and reduces sensations of irritation by up to 62%.

The test was conducted on 20 male and female volunteers aged 20-50 for a period of 28 days, using instrumental evaluation.

One or two nights a week (3-4 days in-between), Autumn (drier air and lower temperatures) is the right time to start “Semi-Slugging” to seal-in hydration and nourishment. Instead of using a highly occlusive petroleum jelly which can clog pores, increase to 3-8 drops of Antioxidant Boost for a nutrient-rich, non-greasy alternative. Seal-in antioxidant actives without the messy linen laundering. Just awaken to highly nourished, glowing skin.

Prevention is better than cure: skin care habits to learn before you turn 30

You know those creases starting to appear on your skin around the age of 30? They’re called expression lines, and sometimes they appear even earlier. Skin damage is often delayed and appears later, even much

later (as is the case with UV damage), so how you defend/not defend your skin today can determine what

appears later. This is what is called preventative skin care. Learning how to take care of your skin at a young age is essential

Educating yourself on skin care means above all learning the importance of the three cornerstones of healthy skin:

  • Daily broad-spectrum UV protection – if you do just one thing, make it this. UV damage is the single biggest cause of pre-mature aging.
  • hydration – healthy skin is always a well-hydrated skin.
  • nourishment – a hydrated skin is always a well-nourished skin.

To meet the needs of young people, we’ve built an easy beauty routine including just three products. 

In the morning, apply Hydrator 1 to cleansed face and neck. Hydrator 1 is a one-step nourishing hydrator containing Hydroxytyrosol Olive Extract and Enzymatic EVOO, Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate (high- and medium-weight Hyaluronic Acid), Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid (low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid), Panthenol, Shea Butter.

Its innovative formulation is suitable for dry, normal and combination skins, and helps attract and retain water to maintain a constant level of hydration. All this is possible thanks to water-drawing humectants that work in synchronicity with our Enzymatic EVOO. 

We recommend completing the daily routine with UVA UVB SPF30 Mineral Filter, our broad-spectrum sunscreen.

In the evening, apply Hydrator 1 again and follow with few drops of Antioxidant Boost.

One or two nights a week (3-4 days in-between), Autumn (drier air and lower temperatures) is the right time to start “Semi-Slugging” to seal-in hydration and nourishment. Instead of using a highly occlusive petroleum jelly which can clog pores, increase to 3-8 drops of Antioxidant Boost for a nutrient-rich, non-greasy alternative. Seal-in antioxidant actives without the messy linen laundering. Just awaken to highly nourished, glowing skin.

How to deal with oily skin in Autumn

Oily skin should be equally hydrated: users require products that leave their skin with no trace of oiliness. 

Hydrator 2 is an ultra-light hydrating lotion with a fast-absorbing, zero-grease texture, leaving a fresh sensation. Apply it both in the morning and in the evening: its dry touch will leave your skin silky and even, without any greasiness.

Specifically formulated for oily and combination skin concerns, this moisturizer contains: Hydroxytyrosol Olive Extract and Enzymatic EVOO, Niacinamide (helps to rebalance sebum), Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid (low-molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid), Cellulose (made from bamboo to provide a soft, matte effect).

How to complete your routine? In the morning, apply the lotion followed by our broad-spectrum UVA UVB SPF30 Mineral Filter sunscreen, while in the evening you can apply just Hydrator 2. For your consideration, since Autumn brings drier air and lower temperatures, so it might be the right season to start adding a few drops of Antioxidant Boost for fast absorbing moisturizing nourishment.

One night a week, Autumn might also be the right season to start “Semi-Slugging” to seal-in hydration and nourishment. Classic slugging can be out of the question because applying a highly occlusive petroleum jelly can clog pores. Instead, to “Semi-Slug” increase to 3-5 drops of Antioxidant Boost for a nutrient-rich, non-greasy alternative.

Seal-in antioxidant actives without the occlusive mess. Just awaken to highly nourished, glowing skin.

Whatever your age, build the perfect autumn skin care routine and magnify your beauty with Beauty Thinkers products.

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All crazy about slugging!

Who doesn’t dream of a glowing, smooth skin? If you are a skin care addict, you surely have heard about slugging, the latest skin care trend that has gone viral on social media. Hailed by many as the ultimate skin care hack for dry skin, slugging also proved to be a highly effective treatment for brittle nails and straw-like hair.

So, is slugging the secret to perfect skin? There is a reason why this trend is stronger than ever: it works. Especially in dry climates or during fall/winter months when air becomes more abrasive (colder and drier). 

Whether you’re already familiar with it or just a slugging curious, here’s everything you need to know about the new skin care trend on the block.

A slug is born

In case you’re wondering, no: slugging has nothing to do with actual slugs (not anymore, at least!). This K-beauty skin care trend gets its name from the slimy, shiny appearance – reminiscent of a slug trail – that your skin has after being slathered with an occlusive petrolatum-based product, like petroleum jelly.

You’ve probably already figured out that slugging is not hydrating in itself, because it doesn’t add any moisture to the skin. Rather, it’s a practice meant to prevent transepidermal water loss and keep moisture in the skin. This is why slugging is best recommended as the last step of nighttime routine to treat dry skin: occlusives act as a barrier on the skin helping it stay moisturized for a long time.

To slug or not to slug: seal in hydration

To make it really work, the first step of your pre-slugging routine should always be to apply hydrating serums or creams on a super-cleansed face (so that no make-up residue or impurity will stay trapped underneath the thick “slug” film). Follow with your daily moisturizer and then top it with a layer of an occlusive of your choice.

Traditional slugging suggests the use of petroleum jelly because its thick viscosity helps the product stay in place, creating a sealing barrier that stays put while you sleep. However, its benefits come with a trade-off: after applying it, you will feel very goopy and sticky, and, unless you can easily sleep on your back, the risk of ruining your bed linens is very high. 

Although not comedogenic in itself, slugging is not recommended to oily and acne-prone skin, as it might clog pores. The protective “slug” layer can trap dead skin cells, sebum and debris, becoming a recipe for bacterial overgrowth and worsening acne breakouts.

Don’t like Petroleum Jelly? Try Semi-Slugging with Beauty Thinkers Antioxidant Boost 

If you want to enjoy the benefits of the latest K-beauty moisturizing hack without the mess and the chemicals from petroleum, we recommend semi-slugging your skin with Antioxidant Boost, our enzyme activated facial oil that softens and literally nourishes the skin barrier. Just apply 2 to 8 drops to seal-in your moisturizing treatment.

Antioxidant Boost stands out for its original vanishing texture that rapidly absorbs and vanishes without a trace of greasiness.  Powered by Hydroxytyrosol, the extremely powerful phenolic olive antioxidant compound, it targets dryness and irritation, the general signs of aging and skin barrier damage. Suitable both for mature and young skin,

Antioxidant Boost integrates with the skin’s natural oils and provides long-lasting hydration by helping the skin barrier seal in moisture and retain the skin’s water content. 

Unlike petroleum jelly, Antioxidant Boost moisturizes the skin with no trace of greasiness and is also suitable for oily and comb skin: you will seal-in hydration and nourishment without the messy laundering!

Recommended for cooler seasons and colder climates, Antioxidant Boost can make the difference in your fall skin care routine: if you haven’t already, take a look at our article on how to prepare your skin for winter.

How often should semi-slugging be done?

Good news: you can do semi-slugging all year round! Here are our tips on how to enjoy the slug life with Antioxidant Boost in different seasons: 

  • Fall: 1-2 times per week
  • Winter: 1-3 times per week (after day doing outdoor snow sports)
  • Spring: 1-2 times per week
  • Summer: 1 time per week (after day under the sun)

Perfect match: using Antioxidant Boost with Retinol and Exfoliants

During normal usage, Antioxidant Boost with Retinol and Chemical Exfoliants is great as it acts as a buffer to reduce potential skin irritation.

However, semi-slugging can expedite absorption of retinoids/chemical exfoliants too quickly causing potential irritation and, on top of that, by “locking-in” them in, you risk causing even more irritation. In other words, don’t do it.

Not just a pretty face: hair and nail semi-slugging 

Yes, you read that right: slugging is actually a highly versatile technique which can benefit the whole body, not just the face. Get ready to semi-slug your strands and fingers, too!

Antioxidant Boost is also perfect to hydrate dry, straw-like hair. How?

  • Apply 2 to 8 drops to the ends of your hair;
  • Wrap your hair in a sock;
  • Secure the sock with a scrunchie.

In the morning, you will wake up to silky, hydrated, radiant hair.

Nail semi-slugging is not that different. After washing your hands, apply your favorite lotion, follow with oil around your cuticles and gently rub it in. Top it with 3 to 8 drops of Antioxidant Boost to seal-in hydration. You won’t need gloves as with traditional slugging. Simple as that!

Nail semi-slugging is highly effective in the treatment of damaged overprocessed or dry, brittle nails.

Now that you know everything about semi-slugging, why don’t you give it a go?

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Beauty and olive trees: an ancient bond 

Cosmetic industry has always been looking at nature to find new product inspirations and solutions. 

Olive oil, for example, is possibly one of the first cosmetic ingredients ever used in skincare, its main activity being to repair and soften the outermost layer of our skin. 

Keep reading to learn why today olive oil and olive tree byproducts are a precious resource in the development of innovative and highly effective skincare products.  

Antioxidant properties of olive oil

As many of us may already know, olive oil stands out for its scientifically proven multiple properties and has always been used as an emollient, softener and anti-inflammatory to treat skin dryness and desquamation.

Recent scientific works have shown that the composition of the triglyceride fats in olive oil is very similar to the sebum of the skin. Moreover, among natural lipids, it’s the one with the greatest affinity for the lipid layer of our skin.

Olive oil is also rich in vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin which protects skin from aging and prevents age spots. Its main role is to act as an antioxidant, scavenging free radicals that can damage cells.

Furthermore, olive oil contains vitamin A, which prevents dryness, and finally carotenoids, becoming highly effective in fighting free radicals.

Hydroxytyrosol: a most powerful antioxidant

Among phenolic compounds contained in olive plants and oil, Hydroxytyrosol stands out for its extraordinary power to contrast oxidative stress, a phenomenon that occurs when there is an imbalance between the generation and accumulation of ROS (acronym for reactive oxygen species, a subset of free radicals) and the ability of a biological system to detoxify the reactive intermediates and repair the consequent cell damage: this means that the amount of free radicals in our body is excessive and our defense system is unable to neutralize them.

Free radicals are produced by the body naturally, but they also may be introduced by external stressors like UV rays (the main producer of free radicals), pollution, dust, smoke and even household cleansers.

A prolonged state of oxidative stress accelerates the visible signs of skin aging and sun damage, resulting in wrinkles, sagging, dryness, dullness and pigmentation (including sun spots and aging spots). An effective way to counteract oxidative stress may be the daily application of skincare products rich in antioxidant molecules.

Beauty Thinkers research: antioxidants and damage defenders derived from olive plants

It’s no wonder then that we at Beauty Thinkers spent 7 years of scientific research to obtain the highest Hydroxytyrosol based antioxidant cosmetic activity in the market.

Much of the Hydroxytyrosol is lost during the manufacturing process, but we were able to keep the part that is generally lost, thanks to a patented technology that upcycles the press water and leaves of our centenary olives tree.

The result is an extraordinary water-soluble compound that makes the concentration of Hydroxytyrosol in our products the highest in the market: our formulations are powerful damage defenders that help the skin stay and act healthy for longer.

But let’s have a look at some facts. We conducted a study, using instrumental evaluation, on 23 female volunteers aged 40-65 using our Antioxidant Cream for a period of 8 weeks. The benefits and the results are remarkable:

  • progressive increase in collagen (11.6%), elasticity (8%), and hydration (32.6%)
  • reduced irritative effects of chemicals (23.2%) and UV radiation (14.4%)

Our Antioxidant Cream (AC) is a daily moisturizer with serum antioxidant defense. It contains an unparalleled level of Hydroxytyrosol antioxidant activity to neutralize free radicals and counteract the signs of UV damage.

Antioxidant Cream infuses olive derived antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients to help you build a daily nourishing routine for your skin: you will instantly notice a visibly diminished appearance of oxidative stress damage (dryness, sensations of irritation and dullness) and your skin will look brighter, more supple and more even.

If your skin needs a boost of nourishment, we recommend using Antioxidant Boost (AB), our enzyme activated facial oil that has recently been awarded the prestigious 2022 Oprah Winfrey Beauty O-Ward for Best Face Oil.

It integrates with the skin’s natural oils and provides long-lasting hydration by helping the skin barrier seal in moisture and retain the skin’s water content. Antioxidant Boost is a multi-use skincare product that combines modern biotechnology and the efficacy of olives harvested on our Umbrian estate: its key ingredient is Enzymatic EVOO, our proprietary extra virgin oil that has undergone an enzymatically controlled treatment developed to make the EVOO compatible to the skin. 

But how does this process work? The enzymatic catalyst allows to break up triglycerides contained in olive oil into free fatty acids, monoglycerides and diglycerides, creating a completely new phytocomplex with different properties.

Free fatty acids are lipid molecules that are naturally present in the skin: they contribute to produce the natural skin barrier, which is crucial to keep the skin adequately hydrated and defend it from external stressors. 

Here are the differences between an extra virgin oil coming from our Umbrian olives, before and after undergoing enzymatic conversion, and the Enzymatic EVOO in our Antioxidant Boost Facial Oil:

  • its antioxidant activity level is nearly three times higher
  • It contains skin-compatible fatty acids, monoglycerides, and diglycerides for rich moisturizing nourishment
  • it is rapidly absorbed by the skin
  • It has a significantly reduced sensations of greasiness

Try now our olive antioxidants and damage defenders. Enhance your natural beauty with Beauty Thinkers skincare products.

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The importance of after-sun skin care routine

We all know how important it is to prepare our skin before exposing to the sun, but what about the aftercare?

For many of us, summer often means spending more time outdoors. Even though fall is just around the corner, the weather is still fine for enjoying a pleasing and relaxing day at the beach or pool.

The cooler weather may lead us to mistakenly think that we no longer need to protect our skin from UV rays because the sun is less strong than in summer. But this is just one of the most common false myths related to the world of skincare.

We shouldn’t forget that the sun produces harmful and skin-damaging UV rays not only in the hottest months, but throughout the year: excessive and unprotected exposure may negatively affect our skin health, no matter the season, temperatures or cloud cover. 

Applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF is essential, but it may not be enough. Most people tend to believe that sunburn is the only sign of overexposure to the sun.

However, the reality is that staying outdoors in the sun the whole day may cause serious skin damage, even though the effects of overexposure are not immediately visible. This is because – no matter how much we try – it’s nearly impossible to avoid UV rays completely, so it’s crucial to give our skin the attention it deserves after a day in the sun. 

To help our skin recover after sun exposure and its effects, it’s essential to choose an effective moisturizing nourishment that gives immediate relief from sensations of irritation and dryness.

Here’s what you need to know about this product.

Why you should include after-sun in your skincare routine

An after-sun is a product specifically formulated for moisturizing skin after prolonged sun exposure. Thanks to its soothing ingredients, it effectively helps rehydrating the skin along with contrasting sunburn peeling. 

When we are out in the heat for too long, our body temperature increases and the water levels in our skin get lower. UV rays, chlorine and salty water may also contribute to weaken the natural moisture barrier of our skin barrier.

After-sun can limit the effects of skin dehydration, replenishing part of the moisture lost from sun exposure and giving an instant soothing relief.

When should after-sun be applied?

If your skin has been exposed to the sun, you should apply an after-sun cream as frequently as needed to keep your skin adequately moisturized to avoid peeling.

Overexposure to UV radiations may result in sunburn or erythema: if your skin looks blotchy and it’s hot to the touch, you probably have spent too much time in the sun. Other symptoms of overexposure include blistering, peeling skin and itching. 

Applying an after-sun cream may help to relieve pain and decrease inflammation. However, if the sunburn is severe and becomes too painful, you should immediately consult a doctor for adequate medical treatment.

Should after-sun be used only in summer?

The answer is: not at all! Perhaps not everyone knows that an after-sun cream doesn’t have to be used just to treat sunburn. Compared to standard moisturizers, after-sun contains some additional soothing ingredients: this means that it can be used every time your skin feels tight and dry, even during the winter months, when the skin is exposed to lower temperatures and low levels of moisture in the air.

Furthermore, after-sun usually has a very lightweight texture to ensure that the heat doesn’t stay trapped inside the skin, which makes it perfect for a daily use. It’s a highly versatile product that will help maintain your skin silky, smooth and pampered all year around!

The perfect ally after a day in the sun

Our laboratories have created Dopo Sole (Italian for “After Sun”), a cream with a soft and voluptuous texture that fast absorbs to instantly relieve dryness and sensations of irritation.

Thanks to its ingredients, Beauty Thinkers Dopo Sole acts as a powerful moisturizer attracting and helping maintain water in place.

The Aloe barbadensis leaf juice – a natural and soothing emollient – enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness, while Shea butter – a nourishing moisturizer for dry skin – improves the appearance of skin helping to maintain softness and smoothness.

Panthenol – also known as provitamin B5 – is a highly effective humectant that helps maintain the skin barrier, promotes skin renewal and strengthens the natural protective layer on skin. 

Squalane – a lightweight skin compatible emollient known for its strong biomimetic properties – not only helps prevent moisture loss, but also soothes, calms and protects the skin barrier.

But what really makes our Dopo Sole unique is of course our EVOO Enzimatico, our proprietary enzymatic formula converted from cold-extracted, extra virgin olive oil that directly nourishes the skin barrier.

Beauty Thinkers Dopo Sole is vegan and made from plant-based ingredients. It’s formulated with a plant-based and biodegradable alternative to silicone.

Our after-sun face and body cream is packed with high-performance HT (Hydroxytyrosol) antioxidant activity that targets free radicals created by UV and blue light after a day in the sun. Its delicate formulation makes it suitable for all skin concerns.

Dopo Sole comes with an elegant Italian designed glass bottle and includes a separate 30ml refill innertube.

Discover the full range of Beauty Thinkers products on our online shop!

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Antioxidant Boost wins 2022 Oprah Winfrey Beauty O-ward

Amazing news from the Beauty Thinkers family!

We are thrilled to announce that our Antioxidant Boost has been awarded the prestigious 2022 Oprah Winfrey Beauty O-ward for Best Face Oil. 

After testing thousands of new beauty products throughout the year, the Oprah Magazine editors select the best buys and draw up a list that serves as a shopping guide to the most innovative recommendations in the beauty industry. 

Our Antioxidant Boost Facial Oil impressed the Beauty O-ward jury, but what makes it so special?

Unlike other plant-based facial oils which act only as skin softeners, our patented biotechnological enzymatic conversion allows Antioxidant Boost to literally nourish the skin barrier, with a noticeable reduction in skin dryness and sensations of irritation.

Antioxidant Boost owes its success also to its original vanishing texture that quickly absorbs and vanishes without a trace of greasiness thanks to the enzymatic process.

Powered by Hydroxytyrosol – a highly effective free radical scavenger – our Antioxidant Boost Facial Oil is able to increase the antioxidant activity of your favorite product, whatever it is. It works well with all ingredients including retinol, exfoliants and Vitamin C.

Antioxidant Boost is a highly versatile product which can be applied with excellent results on all body areas that are prone to drying out, such as elbows and legs. It is also very effective on beards and hair tips.

We are pleased and proud that this prestigious award has been given to our Antioxidant Boost Facial Oil, which has become a favorite among the Beauty Thinkers community.

Antioxidant Boost is an innovative vegan skincare product with only four ingredients. A delicate formulation and its extremely light texture give the skin a fresh sensation, without leaving it sticky and greasy.

Since its launch in November 2021, many of you have appreciated the unique qualities and the benefits of our Antioxidant Boost. In these months, your love for our product has grown so fast that some of you can’t even start the day without it!

A special thanks goes to Ms. Oprah Winfrey for recognizing our commitment in creating innovative high quality skincare products. To make this possible, we had to break down the unnecessary boundaries between beauty and science: we firmly believe that a constant interaction between these two seemingly unrelated worlds is the key to innovation in skincare industry.

But there is more. We are extremely honored and humbled to receive this incredible once-in-a-lifetime award: it’s a recognition of excellence that proves that our Antioxidant Boost is a real innovation in facial skincare. 

Winning this coveted and distinguished award repays the efforts we all made to create a product that is unique in the international market.

Discover today the beneficial effects of the world’s only Enzymatic Italian extra virgin olive oil and the lightness of the original vanishing texture to turn your daily beauty routine into a self-care ritual.

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Sustainable beauty: Beauty Thinkers and the Environment

Our adventure started on a family historical private estate hidden in a remote part of the foothills of Umbria, Italy. If you’re curious about what makes this place so special, keep reading!

This pristine corner of central Italy is a rich and biodiverse land with centenary olive trees, some of which have been alive for over 500 years producing not only autochthonous olive oils, but also the main ingredient for Beauty Thinkers products.

This extraordinarily unique place has been a source of inspiration since the beginning of our adventure into the world of skincare: our mission was – and still is – to create a range of everyday use olive antioxidant products that embodied the true spirit of this land and our passion for innovation.

Science, nature, beauty: three worlds, one passion

A new dimension in skincare: Beauty Thinkers products combine science-backed research with the best of nature. We borrowed the intelligent self-protective strategies that plants have perfected over 500 million years of their existence and then transferred this clever mechanism to the skin. Our delicate formulations – based on the only Italian enzymatic EVOO oil in the market – and the lightness of the original vanishing texture give the skin a fresh sensation without leaving it sticky and greasy. All products are formulated for dry, normal and combination skin.

By using science and biotechnology, we turned our enzymatically converted EVOO and all extracts upcycled from our centenary autochthonous olives into modern innovations in today’s skincare needs. Our vision has always been to create innovative inclusive products that meet the needs of very different people.  

From Nature for Nature: from the very beginning, we at Beauty Thinkers have carried out a careful selection of ingredients that make our skincare products effective, safe and gentle. We promote targeted skincare routines to reduce the negative impact of overconsumption on the planet. For us, protecting the Earth means protecting ourselves: that’s why we have developed sustainable solutions to increase environmental awareness among our community. All Beauty Thinkers products come with an exclusive packaging designed to reduce waste in support of a circular economy.

Eco-conscious Beauty

There is no international standard or agreement that regulates recycling and sustainability. In fact, states and local governments often introduce their own recycling requirements.

However, we at Beauty Thinkers take our responsibility to minimize our environmental impact very seriously. We employ high-quality accessory items and packaging to try our best to avoid single use strategies, so that the life cycle of our products also continues after we deliver them to you.

Here are some facts that prove our real commitment to preserve the environment:

– Each bottle is designed with a comfortable airless pump delivery system that maintains the stability of the formula and allows you to consume the product till the last drop.

– Our Italian designed glass bottles are made to encourage re-use.

– Each bottle is equipped with an innovative Italian engineering refilling system, reducing shipping space and weight.

– Shipping cartons are entirely reusable and are custom-sized to match product volumes. Moreover, they are designed with a minimal printing to encourage re-use and recyclers pick-up.

– Our transparent shipping pouches are designed to replace shipping materials and to be re-used. We opted for a single-color printing to encourage recyclers pick-up.

– We don’t use shipment fillers or insert brochures to eliminate the wastage.

– We developed a low-impact version of our website to give our highly engaged customers a more sustainable option.

Explore our website to learn more about Beauty Thinkers products and our sustainability approach.

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Summer skincare: the importance of Hydroxytyrosol

Keeping your skin well-hydrated during the summer can be very challenging if you don’t stick to an effective daily skincare routine.

Just think about it: there are a number of factors which can negatively affect your skin, making it look dry and favoring the appearance of tiny spots that may become more evident after tanning. 

However, sun exposure is just one of the several environmental factors which may have a drying effect on your skin. Chlorine in swimming pools and salty water may also cause some of the most common summer skin concerns such as tight skin and chapped lips

Air conditioning often seems to be the best way to beat the heat in the hottest days of summer – but beware: it can be a double-edged sword for your skin. Perhaps not everyone knows that air conditioning systems remove the moisture in indoor environments indiscriminately. This means that they also pull moisture from your skin, which tends to dry out and look dull.

Why it’s important to build an effective summer skincare routine

Taking care of your skin is essential, especially during the summer. It is commonly believed that sun exposure can make the skin look more radiant and healthier. But while sunshine can bring a lot of positive benefits to the body, it is also true that a prolonged UV exposure may negatively affect your skin health

When it comes to sun exposure, many people forget that overexposure to solar UV radiation – especially when the sun is at its peak – is responsible for photoaging and skin damage.

People with a dark or olive skin tone often mistakenly think they don’t need to wear sunscreen, assuming that their skin phototype would protect them against the risk of being sunburnt.

Actually, excessive and unprotected sun exposure contributes to the appearance of skin pigmentation, spots and wrinkles. When these occur earlier than they should, they are clear signs of premature aging.

The first step in an effective daily skincare routine should always be to apply an antioxidant hydrator and/or a nourishing cream to previously cleansed and toned face: this will act as a first protective barrier against environmental factors which may cause dry skin. It is also important to wear a good broad-spectrum sunscreen before being exposed to the sun.

Apply a sunscreen with a high SPF (sun protection factor) daily to actively prevent skin aging. Unprotected exposure to the sun’s UV rays may cause major short- and long-term skin damage. 

Sunscreen should be applied early enough to be really effective, approximately 20 minutes before going outdoor. Why?

The answer is very simple: all types of sunscreens – even water-resistant ones – need time to settle down and form a protective film on the skin surface. Take your time and apply sunscreen to all bare skin carefully, including hard-to-reach areas. Remember to reapply it about every two hours, or immediately after swimming or sweating.

If you want to protect your skin from free radical damage and premature aging, it’s essential to wear a high SPF sunscreen to prevent the premature appearance of wrinkles and spots. Whether you go to the sea or the mountains this summer, the best advice is always the same: protect your skin from excessive exposure to UV rays and free radical damage.

Why Hydroxytyrosol for your skincare

Hydroxytyrosol is a highly effective cosmetic ingredient well-known for its potent antioxidant activity.

It’s a phenolic compound that can be found in olive leaves and oil: like oleocanthal, Hydroxytyrosol is responsible for the peppery and bitter sensation in the back of your throat when you taste good EVOO oil.

Scientific evidence shows that both Hydroxytyrosol and polyphenols in olive oil actively contribute to the protection of blood lipids against the harmful effects of oxidative stress.

Why is Hydroxytyrosol increasingly being used in natural cosmetics? Is it truly effective? 

Several studies* have confirmed its safety in use, except in case of allergy to olive polyphenols.

These studies also confirmed that Hydroxytyrosol is an effective free radical scavenger whose antioxidant capacity is higher than other ingredients widely used in anti-aging treatments, such as Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins C and E.

Hydroxytyrosol, however, is recommended not only for mature skin: it is also a powerful ally against premature skin aging.

Lifestyle choices strongly affect skin aging: a bad diet, uncontrolled sun exposure and smoking may favor the formation of free radicals, which are the main cause of skin aging. 

Thanks to its antioxidant and free radical scavenger ability, Hydroxytyrosol in cosmetic formulations can effectively counteract premature skin aging.

Why Beauty Thinkers for your summer skincare routine 

Starting from these results, we at Beauty Thinkers spent seven years of scientific research with one objective in mind: to develop a highly effective Hydroxytyrosol based antioxidant product with proven benefits. 

For this purpose, our formula has been developed in collaboration with Ambrosialab, an accredited spin-off company of the University of Ferrara, the leading university in Italy for Cosmetic Sciences and Technology.

What was our source of inspiration? We simply looked at nature: in plants, oils are the most efficient form of energy and carbon storage. We then transferred this natural process in full to our skin, in every sense of the word.

Beauty Thinkers product formulations are based on the world’s only Enzymatic Italian extra virgin olive oil: our technologically advanced oils are converted with enzymes, producing skin-compatible free fatty acids which nourish the skin and support the skin barrier.

But there is more: all our products are vegan and have a short ingredient list. 

Thanks to their light and fresh texture, Beauty Thinkers cosmetic products are perfect also for the hottest days of the summer. A delicate formulation and the original vanishing texture give the skin a fresh sensation, without leaving it sticky and greasy.

Beauty Thinkers promotes an idea of beauty as an inclusive gesture through a collection of products that are ungendered, suitable for all skin types and sustainable.

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