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An Italian glow of your own.

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***** Best Face Oil *****

Oprah Beauty

O - Wards 2022 Winner

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"One of the best facial moisturizers from around the world."

"Potent formula with all sorts of replenishing goodness (including hydroxytyrosol, a particularly powerful antioxidant derived from olive trees)."

"Less is often more."

"One of the most promising independent beauty brands to watch in 2022."

"Unrivalled olive antioxidants obtained by the means of science."

"Products rich in Hydroxytyrosol, one of the most powerful antioxidant boosters."

"A soothing, moisturizing oil that leaves skin glowing—not slick."

"The hottest news in sunscreens."

"Plant-based, lightweight, non-greasy facial oil, and a gentle, ultra-hydrating lotion."

The world’s best olive antioxidant preventative skin care.

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Hydrator 3 Barrier Support

Join the community of professors, students, educators, artists, gardeners, caretakers, and everyone in between.



Skin care is preservation, like a healthy eating pattern and exercise. Our mission is to blur the unnecessary border between health and beauty.


Our formulations are damage defenders that help the skin stay and act healthy for longer.


We believe that by removing stressors and using fewer, but efficacious ingredients, we can return to skin balance – the root of good skin health.


Our products support your skin’s barrier using gentle ingredients formulated at a suitable pH.


Often our skin problems stem from overtreatment or misuse. We believe in products with correct and effective ingredients and consistent gestures.


Our technologically advanced face oils are converted with Enzymes, producing skin-compatible free fatty acids which nourish the skin and support the skin barrier.

Hydration for
dry, norm, and
comb skin

Hydrator 1

specifically for
oily & comb skin

Hydrator 2

Hydration to
restore skin

Hydrator 3

Facial oil
to seal in

Antioxidant Boost

Semi-Slugging for that Autumn Glow.

To semi-slug, apply 2-8 drops of Antioxidant Boost Facial Oil as the last step in your night routine to seal-in actives, hydration, and nutrients. So easy and so clean – none of the usual next morning linen mess and clogged pores of traditional slugging.

Let the Hydroxytyrosol olive antioxidants and free fatty acids restore your skin while you sleep and wake to glowing skin!

Also great for nail semi-Slugging.



The new star of antioxidant potency


The world's only Enzymatic Italian extra virgin olive oil

Hydrator 2

Hydration specifically for oily & comb skin


100% mineral filter sunscreen with the impossibly light texture


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