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We are a science based beauty brand that creates skin care olive antioxidants and damage defenders. We are Nature with a High Tech Spin. This means we look at Nature not out of nostalgia for a forgotten bucolic lifestyle, we do so to borrow the clever mechanism plants have perfected over the 500 million years of their existence.

How we started

How we started

Nature’s intelligence is our source of inspiration.

Coming from a wild and remote estate on the Umbrian hills in Italy, a rich and biodiverse land with centenary olive trees, some of which have been alive for over 500 years, we asked ourselves: can we learn how to use their self-protective strategies and put them to the service of humans?

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Emulating Plant Strategies

Plant antioxidants are potent active components that can work effectively to protect other alive organisms from intrinsic environmental harms and urban pollution.

But, not all antioxidants are the same.

The Importance of Hydroxytyrosol

The Importance of Hydroxytyrosol

It took us seven years of scientific research to obtain the highest level of Hydroxytyrosol antioxidant activity in the market.

The results are efficacious, gentle, and preventative products created with extracted Hydroxytyrosol using patented technology from the press water and leaves of our centenary olive trees.

Our formula has been developed in collaboration with Ambrosialab, a University of Ferrara accredited spin-off company.

The Importance of Enzymatic Oil

In plants, oils are the most efficient form of energy and carbon storage, but to be able to transfer this power in full to our skin, we need to boost their bioavailability. Facial oils work to soften the superficial layer of skin. However, they are known to be heavy and greasy.

Discover our enzymatic difference, a vanishing texture with a non-greasy, fast absorbing sensation. Specific enzymes convert our compounds into biotechnological free fatty acids which don’t just soften the skin, but nourish the skin barrier boosted by high levels of olive antioxidant activity.

We are the only enzymatic extra virgin olive oil in the market.

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The Benefit

The Benefit

Our prevention formulas are damage defenders that help the skin stay and act healthy for longer by providing the highest level of sustained antioxidants activity in a cosmetic formula on the market.

By looking at skin care as part of preventative self care on a wholistic level, we blur the obsolete border between health and beauty and learn to rely on correct ingredients and consistent gestures.

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