Beauty Thinkers: our wholistic vision

With its range of products dedicated to preventative skin care, Beauty Thinkers has introduced a new vision that combines the concept of self care with skin care.

Every day we pay attention to what we eat, keep active and take care of our emotional well-being. Why are we doing all this?

The main reason is that these habits can add up a big positive effect on our overall health. We improve our diet because it can help protect us against serious health conditions. We exercise daily because we all know the risks of a sedentary lifestyle.

Psychological well-being also plays an important role: we are engaged in several activities that improve our mood and reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. But how is all this related to skin care?

How skin care is connected to skin health 

Self care is a wholistic concept that embraces human beings in their entirety. Skin is our body’s “first clothing”: we like to use this metaphor because it best expresses the strong connection between the appearance of our skin and our emotions, our lifestyle choices, and habits. 

Our mind can have positive or negative consequences on our bodies. You’ve probably already noticed that feelings of stress, anger, or sadness can wreak havoc on your skin, and this is because our body reflects our mental state. Creams alone do not make “beautiful skin”. Which is why skin health is our objective. Our skin reflects our daily skin care, nutritional, fitness, and mental health management habits.

Skin care, therefore, means:

  • taking care of our skin every day.
  • making informed decisions about the products we’d like to use and taking care not to misuse them.
  • paying attention to ingredient lists. 

Every year the cosmetic industry promotes plenty of miracle products that claim to “rejuvenate” the skin or “fight aging”. But the truth is that there is no cream, serum or treatment that has the power to reverse or halt time.

This marketing approach is far from our idea of skin care. Why? To enhance the appearance of our skin, we only need to follow a consistent skin care routine, using the right products for our skin type. 

For example, we may think we have oily skin (but, in fact, we don’t) and start over-cleansing and using “drying” and “oil control” products. Since we have misdiagnosed ourselves and aggressively and completely stripped our skin of its natural oils, our skin goes into overdrive to produce more oil. In a few days, our skin feels raw, irritated, and we notice breakouts. Our skin philosophy is “to unlearn the obsolete distinction between health and beauty standards and understand how to rely on correct formulations and consistent gestures”.

For this reason, we created a line of products that will simplify your skin care routine.

As we saw before, our skin concerns often arise from misdiagnosis, overuse, and misuse of products. We should be very careful when combining skin care products, as some active ingredients can adversely interact with each other and cause irritation, at best,

damage, at worse. A well-known example of products which should not be used together are chemical exfoliants and retinol.

At Beauty Thinkers, we follow a skin minimalism approach to skin care, which involves cutting the number of products in each daily routine down to the two to three multi-

functional efficacious essentials. But there is more: all our products play well with all actives. After using Retinol, yes, you can apply Antioxidant Cream (AC), which can also act as a calming buffer. Yes, you can apply Hydrator 3 (HY3) after a chemical exfoliant. While all our products are powerfully efficacious, they are remarkably gentle:

AC – Antioxidant Cream→ our antioxidant cream for mature skin or for those who want to target the signs of premature aging caused by free radicals. It is the new star of antioxidant potency.

HY1 – Hydrator 1→ the nourishing hydrator for young adults and beyond. Its formula contains humectants and nourishing ingredients that help retain water in the skin barrier.

HY2 – Hydrator 2→ designed for oily skin and to rebalance male skin after shaving, it stands out for its ultralight texture that leaves the skin with a refreshing sensation.

HY3 – Hydrator 3 → rich in biotechnological Ceramides and Hydroxytyrosol, it directly nourishes and helps protect the skin barrier.

AB – Antioxidant Boost → much more than a facial oil, Antioxidant Boost nourishes the skin without greasing it, thanks to its original vanishing texture based on biotechnological processes. It is the only Italian Enzymatic EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) face oil in the world. Its non-sticky and rapid absorption make it suitable for all skin types.

The UV Care line includes UVA UVB SPF30 Mineral Filter, our water-resistant daily broad-spectrum sunscreen moisturized by our beloved Enzymatic EVOO, and DOPO SOLE After Sun Restore, a cream with a voluptuous texture that absorbs immediately to instantly relieve sensations of dryness and irritation.

All our products can be used on both face and body. Our Antioxidant Boost (AB), for example, works wonderfully well also on the neck, décolleté/chest, hands, hair tips, beard, elbows, legs, everywhere.

Have you ever noticed how often we buy products that we don’t really need? With Beauty Thinkers, the concept of skin care is simplified by bringing “essentiality” to the fore.

You can use them whatever your skin type is and there are no critical concerns for use in pregnancy and nursing. Finally, since our products are ungendered, they are purposely designed for both men and women.  


Hydrator 1 Nourishing

Price — 53.00 


Hydrator 2 Dry Touch

Price — 48.00 


Hydrator 3 Barrier Support

Price — 68.00 


Antioxidant Cream

Price — 88.00 

[Mo.] [Oi.]

Antioxidant Boost

Price — 58.00 

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