Prejuvenation, not the needle

For some of us, surgical cosmetic procedures, even non-invasive ones (think botox, laser resurfacing), are not an option. To consider, the healing time for Asian and darker skin tones can be longer and the risk of skin darkening or PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) exists. Despite the many incredible advancements in procedures performed by many well-qualified specialists, these types of procedures just remain off the table, for whatever personal reasons.

For those of you who are looking for an alternative, let’s speak about the very interesting preventative skin care trend that pro-agers are getting behind to help delay the signs of aging – Prejuvenation! Look your naturally healthy best without undergoing any cosmetic procedure.

Let’s cut to the chase and help you learn how to Prejuvenate.

Prevention is better than cure.

Yesterday’s skin care was highly focused on cure/repair, a reactive response. The Prejuventation trend is gently moving skin care in another direction toward prevention, a proactive approach.

This proactive approach aligns perfectly with the values of wellbeing – nutrition, fitness, mental health – all pushing toward wholistic health. The goal of Prejuvenation is not to “turn back the clock”, but to delay the signs of damage for as long as possible. To help you maintain a vibrant, but natural complexion for a longer period.

Similarly, five years ago, it was not common to wear sunscreen daily and all year-round. Today, it is not even a question. Habits do evolve and become more sensible as we become more educated. As the renowned American poet and scholar, Maya Angelou, profoundly observed, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Unlike some skin care protocols, Prejuvenation is neither complicated, nor costly. So, let’s get to it!

3 simple steps to Prejuvenate.

The three pillars of Prejuvenation are simple and easy to follow:

  1. Sunscreen: Use a broad-spectrum formula daily with a minimum SPF 30.

    This is arguably the most important step. UV damage is the most common cause of skin damage (think wrinkles, spots). Nothing supports “Prevention is better than cure”, than sunscreens; think of it as “nipping the problem in the bud’.

    Tips: Find a sunscreen which you will gladly use daily. A “hyped” product that you don’t enjoy using runs the risk of sitting on the shelf unused. As the saying goes, better something than nothing.

    Once opened, sunscreens are best used within 6 months to ensure efficacy.

  2. Antioxidants: Use every morning and night.

    Antioxidants reduce skin damage before it happens. How? By neutralizing free radicals that cause skin damage.

    Free radicals are highly volatile molecules which act to damage healthy cells like collagen and are typically generated by UV rays, stress, pollution/smoke. Think of antioxidants as your personal body guards disabling the bad guys.

    Tip: Pair your antioxidant moisturizing serum with a sunscreen for double-defence. Sunscreens protect from damaging UV rays, Antioxidants neutralize free radicals generated throughout the day, including the sun.

  3. Retinoids: Use 1-2 nights a week.

    Retinoids accelerate skin cell turnover and help to improve appearance of unevenness in texture and pigmentation. Certain retinoids can help promote the production of collagen. You can sort of think of it as slowly evolving and upgrading your wardrobe, not a total makeover.

    Tips: Speak with your dermatologist or aesthetician which type of retinoid is best for you and how to safely use them. They can help you achieve the best results and avoid wasting money on a retinoid not appropriate for you.

    Retinoids can be sensitizing, so use them at night, on dry skin, and always use broad-spectrum sunscreen protection during the day. In general, alternate usage of retinoids, exfoliants, and vitamin C. In other words, don’t use them together on the same evenings.

As with all efficacious skin treatments, consistency and patience is key. While Prejuvenation is a long-run, preventative lifestyle protocol, you can expect to see first results within one month and great results in three months. Like investing in your nutrition, fitness, and mental health, Prejuvenation can help your skin feel and look healthy for longer.

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