Skin care: how to build a pro-age experience

It’s time for a change: stop being afraid of wrinkles and time passing! Love your age, embrace change positively and follow a proactive skin care routine, instead. In other words, be part of the “pro-age” revolution.

The modern cosmetic market has offered plenty of products and treatments specifically formulated to combat the signs of aging. Often, they are labeled and advertised with catchy claims: anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, age-defying. Unfortunately, these words do nothing but foster the illusion that we can halt time.

When this doesn’t happen, aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery might seem the right choice. However, the results don’t often meet the expectations. You probably happened to see shocking pictures of celebs and stars who ruined their face forever by abusing surgery and cosmetic work. And, for some of us, invasive strategies are not an option.

When does our appearance make us vulnerable?

Aging in general, and skin aging are both natural processes that can be accelerated by, first and foremost, UV damage. Our eating habits, lifestyle choices, air pollution and genetic factors are also all accelerants.  

These are all factors we should consider when building a skin care routine that can actually improve the appearance of our skin. While we cannot stop the aging process, we can prevent accelerating it by learning about the causes and how to manage them.

Anti-aging products are easily recognizable on the market, but consumers decide to buy them only when skin damage becomes visible. They are often advertised with misleading claims that they will reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.  

Once the first signs of aging like expression lines have appeared on our skin, there is no miracle cream that can erase them. Many people struggle to accept the inevitable changes of aging, especially because social media keep setting unrealistic expectations and beauty standards. 

The first step to skin care is to understand what you need

Proactivity, positivity, purposefulness: these are the keywords that best describe our approach not only to life, but also to skin care.

Our commitment as a brand is, therefore, to promote an easily understandable philosophy that represents those who are looking for solutions that focus on preventative care.

We strongly believe in:

Positivity: aging is a natural process, and no one should feel ashamed about it. For many years, there has been a societal pressure to aspire to have a more youthful appearance: aging is often seen as something to be covered up or society will deem us unattractive. This has inspired a fear of getting older and consequently created a toxic mindset that aging diminishes our value. Instead, change should be welcomed, not feared, and every age should be lived for its intrinsic beauty, knowing that we can improve the quality of our life by taking care of our emotional and physical well-being. We embrace our age knowing that our wisdom, confidence, and self-awareness (all highly sexy qualities) is because of it.   

Proactivity: our pro-age philosophy is inspired by nature first. Hydroxytyrosol is a very ancient antioxidant that has protected olive trees for millennia. Therein we see antioxidants as proactives. To further decelerate damage, and through green chemistry, we have successfully achieved the highest level of Hydroxytyrosol antioxidant activity in the market today which voraciously neutralizes damaging free radicals, all the while remaining gentle for all skin.

Purposefulness: entering such a competitive market as the cosmetics market has been an exciting challenge for us. Purposefulness means looking not only for something new, but also for something that can be really useful. At Beauty Thinkers, we are breaking new ground to find innovative skin care solutions: our mission is to blur the unnecessary border between health and beauty. Those who dismiss skin care as being frivolous will find it strange, but it is precisely by talking about beauty and skin care that we can convey important values that go beyond body positivity. The latter is an oft-abused concept that may support some unhealthy lifestyle habits. Through our products, we’d like to spread a wholistic vision that combines the concept of self-care with skin care.

Therefore, to reset your pro-age mindfulness you need to become aware of yourself.

Know your skin and what it needs and don’t let yourself be influenced by misleading new trends that may hide pitfalls and cause damage to your skin. 

Self-care is an act of self-love that should always disregard social expectations. Cultivate a positive mindset to make your skin smile and glow.

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