Spring Biotech Semi-slugging skin care, better than the viral tik tok trend

The Slugging trend, the moisturizing act of applying an overnight petrolatum mask, has not slowed down. In fact, it has picked up steam again this past Winter. Why? The answer is simple, it works.

However, for some of us, leaving on an occlusive mask overnight, typically Vaseline, while we sleep, is not an option. Whether we have oily/comb skin or have skin sensitivities, this is not a risk we are willing to take. Not to mention the mess a petrolatum product can make with our bed linens.

For others, we need to shift to lighter product textures for the warmer, more humid Spring weather.

Here, we cut to the chase to help you learn how to biotechnologically Semi-slug, a cleaner, nourishing treatment for profound Spring hydration and moisturizing.

How to Semi-slug

FOR MANY OF US, WINTER IS THE SEASON OF WICKED DRYNESS. Our skin feels tight, lines appear more evident, and we see a lingering dullness all season.

Spring is the perfect time to biotechnologically Semi-slug to immerse your dry and dehydrated skin with nourishment and hydration. In just three nights, you will see the difference. Your skin appears noticeably softer and smoother to leave behind Winter dryness.

The Biotech Semi-Slugging Difference





Occlusive and greasy




Sits on top of the skin to seal-in moisture



Enzymatic Italian extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)


Semi-occlusive, non-greasy, fast absorbing


Softening, nourishing, hydrating


Uses free fatty acids to directly nourish the skin barrier.

Semi-occlusive texture seals-in hydration without any greasiness.

The Key Difference? The Enzymatic Conversion of the Oil

While traditional slugging uses an occlusive product to sit on top of the skin to seal-in moisture, biotech Semi-slugging directly nourishes the skin with a semi-occlusive enzymatic EVOO that seals-in moisture and hydration without any greasiness. In other words, a non-greasy sealant AND direct nourishment! This is ideal for Spring. Nourishing goodness, softening benefits, all without heavy greasiness

Enzymatic Italian EVOO is exclusively found in Antioxidant Boost. Antioxidant Boost is the only Enzymatic EVOO facial oil in the world.

DIRECTIONS. On three alternate evenings, apply your favorite moisturizing serum (we recommend Antioxidant Cream for pro-aging support or Hydrator 3 for skin barrier support) followed by 8-15 drops of Antioxidant Boost and go to bed. The biotech moisturizing oil serum will work overnight while you sleep. You will awaken to softer, nourished skin and clean bed linens. By the third night, your skin will be profoundly hydrated and nourished to start Spring this year feeling positively good and irresistibly looking your best.

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