Sustainable beauty: Beauty Thinkers and the Environment

Our adventure started on a family historical private estate hidden in a remote part of the foothills of Umbria, Italy. If you’re curious about what makes this place so special, keep reading!

This pristine corner of central Italy is a rich and biodiverse land with centenary olive trees, some of which have been alive for over 500 years producing not only autochthonous olive oils, but also the main ingredient for Beauty Thinkers products.

This extraordinarily unique place has been a source of inspiration since the beginning of our adventure into the world of skincare: our mission was – and still is – to create a range of everyday use olive antioxidant products that embodied the true spirit of this land and our passion for innovation.

Science, nature, beauty: three worlds, one passion

A new dimension in skincare: Beauty Thinkers products combine science-backed research with the best of nature. We borrowed the intelligent self-protective strategies that plants have perfected over 500 million years of their existence and then transferred this clever mechanism to the skin. Our delicate formulations – based on the only Italian enzymatic EVOO oil in the market – and the lightness of the original vanishing texture give the skin a fresh sensation without leaving it sticky and greasy. All products are formulated for dry, normal and combination skin.

By using science and biotechnology, we turned our enzymatically converted EVOO and all extracts upcycled from our centenary autochthonous olives into modern innovations in today’s skincare needs. Our vision has always been to create innovative inclusive products that meet the needs of very different people.  

From Nature for Nature: from the very beginning, we at Beauty Thinkers have carried out a careful selection of ingredients that make our skincare products effective, safe and gentle. We promote targeted skincare routines to reduce the negative impact of overconsumption on the planet. For us, protecting the Earth means protecting ourselves: that’s why we have developed sustainable solutions to increase environmental awareness among our community. All Beauty Thinkers products come with an exclusive packaging designed to reduce waste in support of a circular economy.

Eco-conscious Beauty

There is no international standard or agreement that regulates recycling and sustainability. In fact, states and local governments often introduce their own recycling requirements.

However, we at Beauty Thinkers take our responsibility to minimize our environmental impact very seriously. We employ high-quality accessory items and packaging to try our best to avoid single use strategies, so that the life cycle of our products also continues after we deliver them to you.

Here are some facts that prove our real commitment to preserve the environment:

– Each bottle is designed with a comfortable airless pump delivery system that maintains the stability of the formula and allows you to consume the product till the last drop.

– Our Italian designed glass bottles are made to encourage re-use.

– Each bottle is equipped with an innovative Italian engineering refilling system, reducing shipping space and weight.

– Shipping cartons are entirely reusable and are custom-sized to match product volumes. Moreover, they are designed with a minimal printing to encourage re-use and recyclers pick-up.

– Our transparent shipping pouches are designed to replace shipping materials and to be re-used. We opted for a single-color printing to encourage recyclers pick-up.

– We don’t use shipment fillers or insert brochures to eliminate the wastage.

– We developed a low-impact version of our website to give our highly engaged customers a more sustainable option.

Explore our website to learn more about Beauty Thinkers products and our sustainability approach.

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Defence Refill Kit (AB 30ml + AC Refill 30ml)

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