Antioxidant Cream – Refill

30ml - 67.00 

Antioxidant Cream Refill. Once you’ve used up your AC (Antioxidant Cream) content, reuse the glass bottle with this refill.
How to refill: please remove the pump and unscrew the Innertube. Swap with your brand new refill. Screw on tight onto the pump and glass bottles – pump until product dispenses. Done!

Antioxidant Cream – Refill 30ml - 67.00 
I. Description

Recommended for all climates and seasons. Suitable for all skin concerns.

Backed by seven years of scientific research to achieve the highest level of HT (Hydroxytyrosol) antioxidant activity.1 A potent olive antioxidant which safely delivers progressively remarkable results.

Skin appears noticeably brighter, softer, smoother, and more even. Diminished appearance of irritation and dryness. Skin looks nourished and moisturized.

pH 5. Plant-based ingredients and vegan. No critical concerns for use in pregnancy or nursing.


HT (Hydroxytyrosol). Well-known for its potent olive antioxidant activity which scavenges skin damaging free radicals and ability to withstand a highly oxidizing environment.3

Estratto di Olivo. Our water-based compound which contains HT (Hydroxytyrosol). It is derived from the upcycled and renewable press water created during the olive milling step. It is extracted using physical-mechanical processes instead of chemical ones.

Propanediol.  A hygroscopic (humectant) able to attract and keep water, helping maintain a soft and smooth skin.

Squalane. A lightweight, non-greasy skin compatible emollient which helps prevent moisture loss and restores suppleness to the skin.

1 Compared to formulas on the market
2 8 week study, 23 female volunteers ages 40-65 using instrumental evaluation
3 Avola R et al. Hydroxytyrosol from olive fruits prevents blue-light-induced damage in human keratinocytes and fibroblasts J Cell Physiol, 2019

II. How to use it
Apply to cleansed face and neck. Gently massage into skin until absorbed.
Can be followed by with AB (Antioxidant Boost) for a boost of nourishment. Suggest to apply AB (Antioxidant Boost) after AC (Antioxidant Cream) has completely absorbed into skin.
Remember to follow with sunscreen during the morning.

II. How to use it

Apply to cleansed face and neck. Gently massage into skin until absorbed.
Can be followed by with AB (Antioxidant Boost) for a boost of nourishment. Suggest to apply AB (Antioxidant Boost) after AC (Antioxidant Cream) has completely absorbed into skin.
Remember to follow with sunscreen during the morning.

III. Ingredients

AC relies on three main actives: Hydroxytyrosol, Enzymatic EVOO and Propanediol.

  • Aqua [Water]
  • Cetearyl alcohol
  • Olea europaea (Olive) leaf extract
  • Cetearyl olivate
  • Coco-caprylate
  • Sorbitan olivate
  • Hydrogenated ethylhexyl olivate
  • Dicaprylyl ether
See full list and breakdown of ingredients.
IV. Facts
  • EVOO from our biodiverse estate (early harvest, cold-extracted, genetically-certified italian cultivars)
  • Soothing and irritative relief during periods of stress
  • Formulated with a vegetable, biodegradable alternative to silicone
  • Refill packaging recyclable (label made of 87% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled Content))
  • Shipping pouch made to be reused and recyclable
  • Shipping carton made to be reused and recyclable (made with 87% recycled fibers)
V. Q&A
Our skincare strategy is information, preservation and attunement. Heathy skin starts with correct and effective ingredients applied with judgement. Here are some resources to learn more about our products, how they work and exactly why they are effective.

“Estratto di olivo” is referred to a standardized vegetal extract that contains different polyphenols including hydroxytyrosol, oleuropeine, verbascoside etc.

Hydroxytyrosol (HT) is an essential molecule isolated from the phenolic fraction of olive (Olea europaea). It is considered one of the most powerful natural antioxidant compound.1 Hydroxytyrosol is an efficient scavenger of several free radicals species such as hydroxyl radicals, superoxide radicals, peroxynitrite. As hydroxytyrosol is amphiphilic, it can develop its effect as a powerful radical scavenger in lipophilic cell membranes as well as in the hydrophilic cell plasma. Hydroxytyrosol appears to exhibit antioxidant activities, due to its adaptive ability to survive in a highly oxidizing environment2 and can protect the skin from the deleterious effects of LED‐BL (light-emitting-diode-generated blue light).2 Hydroxytyrosol protects against UVB-induced DNA damages and reduces intracellular reactive oxygen species formation caused by UVB.3

Relevant studies for topical application:
Hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol have been shown to have remarkable radical‐scavenging properties in vitro, which are responsible for the cytoprotection activity.4 Other studies shows that Hydroxytyrosol increases the body’s own anti-oxidant power by increasing the amount of glutathione in the cells. An increased amount of glutathione additionally directs the production of melanin towards the more soluble and lighter pheomelanin. Morover, it lightens skin colour significantly by reducing the overall melanin production.5 Publications show that hydroxytyrosol protects human melanocytes in vitro from protein damage induced by long-wave UV light, and reduces the release of inflammation inhibitors like Cox-2 in macrophages.6,7 Another study suggests that hydroxytyrosol is fully worthy of using as a cosmetic material effective to anti-inflammatory and to delay cellular senescence on human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs) damaged by UVA.8 The anti-aging activities of hydroxytyrosol were also investigated in terms of its proposed activation of MnSOD activity. Since it was known that MnSOD is a protein that protects quiescent normal human fibroblasts (NHF) derived from skin against age associated loss in proliferative capacity, hydroxytyrosol significantly extended the lifespan of quiescent fibroblasts with an increase in MnSOD activity.9 Avola et al. demonstrated that hydroxytyrosol protects keratinocytes and fibroblasts from LED‐BL (light-emitting-diode-generated blue light (LED-BL) induced damage. Thus, hydroxytyrosol might be proposed as an encouraging candidate for the prevention of BL‐induced premature photoaging.10

1 Martínez L et al. Hydroxytyrosol: Health Benefits and Use as Functional Ingredient in Meat. Medicines (Basel). 2018 Mar; 5(1): 13)
2 Avola R et al. Hydroxytyrosol from olive fruits prevents blue-light-induced damage in human keratinocytes and fibroblasts J Cell Physiol, 2019
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7 Maiuri M.C. et al., Hydroxytyrosol, a phenolic compound from virgin olive oil, prevents macrophage activation. Naunyn Schmiedebergs Archives of Pharmacology; 371(6):457-65; 2005
8 Seeun Jeon. et al., Anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects of hydroxytyrosol on human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs), Biomedical Dermatology (Vol. 2, Issue 1), 2018
9 Nancy B. Ray, PhD, Darlene McCord, PhD FAPWCA, The Anti-Aging Effects of Patented Hydroxytyrosol
10 Rosanna Avola, Adriana Carol Eleonora Graziano, Giovanna Pannuzzo, Francesco Bonina, Venera Cardile, Hydroxytyrosol from olive fruits prevents blue-light-induced damage in human keratinocytes and fibroblasts J Cell Physiol, 2019

The first step to defend your skin from modern day oxidative stress (free radicals caused by UV exposure, pollution, smoke, blue light, stress). It is a moisturizer with serum activity. So, you can use AC (Antioxidant Cream) as both your antioxidant serum and moisturizer (and simplify your routine).

Depending on your skin needs, you can use in both your morning and evening skincare routine. Remember to always apply SPF after during your morning routine. For less stressed skin, you can use just in the evening.

We recommend waiting for your skin to fully absorb the AC (Antioxidant Cream) before applying AB (Antioxidant Boost).

Retinol is a fat soluble vitamin A derivative with anti-aging properties. It isn’t considered a powerful antioxidant such as HT (hydroxytyrosol). It slightly penetrates into the dermis where stimulates fibroblasts to synthesize collagen fibres. Retinol, by interacting with receptors inside keratinocytes, promotes their proliferation, strengthens the epidermal protective function, reduces transepidermal water loss, protects collagen against degradation and inhibits the activity of metalloproteinases which are responsible for degradation of the extracellular matrix. You can use them together (retinol in the evening) because they act with different mode of action in preventing premature skin aging and keeping your skin looking healthy. Retinol could be useful also for its sebum-regulating and anticomedogenic effects.


Apply before your sunscreen. AC (Antioxidant Cream) helps defend against free radicals created by UV radiation.
It will not affect the efficacy of your sunscreen.

None, AC (Antioxidant Cream) works well with all Actives.

It is the natural odor scent of the ingredients. We do not add fragrance to any of our products.

VI. How to recycle
[ 1 ] Cover (PP05 Plastic): Plastic recyclables
[ 2 ] Innertube (PP05 Plastic): Plastic recyclables

Always check the regulations of your municipality.
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