Hydrator 3 Barrier Support – Refill

30ml - 47.00 

Hydrator 3 Refill. Once you’ve used up your HY3 (Hydrator 3) content, reuse the glass bottle with this refill.
How to refill: please remove the pump and unscrew the Innertube. Swap with your brand new refill. Screw on tight onto the pump and glass bottles – pump until product dispenses. Done!

Hydrator 3 Barrier Support – Refill 30ml - 47.00 
I. Description

COLD CLIMATES: for dry, combination, oily, and those with no present skin concerns.
3-SEASON (fall/winter/spring): for dry, combination, and those with no present skin concerns.
All-season, all climates for dry, combination, oily, and those with no present skin concerns as an overnight mask.

  • Cream
  • Nourishing face hydrator
  • pH 5,5
V. Q&A
Our skincare strategy is information, preservation and attunement. Heathy skin starts with correct and effective ingredients applied with judgement. Here are some resources to learn more about our products, how they work and exactly why they are effective.

It is the natural scent of the ingredients. We do not add fragrance to any of our products.

There are no specific concerns regarding pregnancy or nursing mothers.

For added nourishment and soothing, you can layer HY 3 (Hydrator 3) after your retinol or chemical exfoliant treatment to help reduce dryness and irritation.

You can use AB (Antioxidant Boost) with HY 3 (Hydrator 3).

We recommend using AC (Antioxidant Cream) in the morning (follow with SPF) and HY 3 (Hydrator 3) at night. However, depending on your skin needs, you can also use only HY 3 both in the morning and at night (follow with SPF in the morning).

VI. How to recycle
[ 1 ] Cover (PP05 Plastic): Plastic recyclables
[ 2 ] Innertube (PP05 Plastic): Plastic recyclables

Always check the regulations of your municipality.
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