III. Resources

Being a science based skincare comes with its responsibilities. We want to transparently share with you what we know and do, so we can combat skincare misinformation together.

One body. One Earth.

We are intertwined with our planet in a unbreakable symbiotic bond. We protect the Earth to protect ourselves, and vice versa.

Our Sustainable Approach


We advocate for less, better targeted skin care routines to avoid negative impact of overconsumption both on the planet and skin health.


Recycling is the last resort. Our priority is to avoid single use strategies, for this reason we employ good looking, high quality accessory items and packaging, so their life doesn’t end as soon as or shortly after they get to you.

Even our shipping cartons and pouches are “made to be reused”. We don’t use shipment fillers or insert brochures which often goes from the box straight to the trash.

Our goal is to deliver you with extended lifecycle options.


Nearly all of our product come in glass bottles that are carefully engineered to be refillable and easy to sanitize in between uses.

Environmental and Social Impact



The narrative of natural products is supported by a strong basis of environmental and human choice we make.
We are operating on an Italian estate that is certified Zero CO2 emissions, without the aid of offset programs, since 2009. Our botanicals are responsibly harvested from centenarian, autochthonous olive trees on our remote family estate in Umbria, in central Italy and are sustainable both environmentally and socially. Our production works on a closed circuit base where the byproduct is Product.

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