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Autumn skin care tips for happy skin
Autumn is finally here! We’re now ready for cooler weather, cozy sweaters, hot drinks and – unfortunately – drier skin. It’s not just the leaves and our wardrobe to change with the welcoming of autumn: the way our skin reacts to cooler temperatures changes, too. We all know that temperatures, humidity levels, and sun exposure […]
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Beauty and olive trees: an ancient bond 
Cosmetic industry has always been looking at nature to find new product inspirations and solutions.  Olive oil, for example, is possibly one of the first cosmetic ingredients ever used in skincare, its main activity being to repair and soften the outermost layer of our skin.  Keep reading to learn why today olive oil and olive […]
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Summer skincare: the importance of Hydroxytyrosol
Keeping your skin well-hydrated during the summer can be very challenging if you don’t stick to an effective daily skincare routine. Just think about it: there are a number of factors which can negatively affect your skin, making it look dry and favoring the appearance of tiny spots that may become more evident after tanning.  […]
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