Why you need to wear sunscreen all year round, not just in summer

Have you ever wondered who invented sunscreen? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place! Nowadays, consumers are more health and wellness-aware than before, but many often ignore the science behind skin care products.

Cosmetic industry has always pursued a single goal: to improve the health and appearance of our skin. Among the products that brought about a revolution in skin care are undoubtedly mineral filters, designed to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays and prevent photodamage.

Despite sunscreen being relatively recent, sun protection practices have been followed since ancient times: our ancestors used anything from mud, rice bran, olive oil and zinc oxide to protect themselves from the sun’s damaging rays.

History of sunscreen

One of the first known sun protection creams was created by the South-Australian chemist Milton Blake in the late 1920s. After 12 years of failed experiments, he finally succeeded in developing an effective sun-blocking cream.

In the second half of the 1930s, several founders of famous cosmetics brands started to develop their own version of sunscreen: Eugène Schueller, who is sometimes credited as the man who invented sunscreen, introduced his formula to the market in 1936. 

In 1962, Franz Greiter, who had already created a sunscreen years before, came up with SPF ratings so that sunscreens could be standardized.

In 1977 water-resistant sunscreens hit the shelves, persuading even the most reluctant to use sun protection. A few years later, in the 1980s, scientists figured out that UVB rays are harmful to the skin and are the main cause of most skin cancers.

In the 1990s, sunscreen developers started to focus on UVA rays, after Australian studies found that people who used UVB sun protection were still developing skin cancer: this brought on a revolution in suncare and the first broad-spectrum sunscreens were finally launched on the market.

By developing increasingly effective sunscreens, scientists were not looking for a definitive solution to skin diseases, but rather a way to promote prevention of skin diseases.

Compared to make-up and skin care, the research of UV and how it causes damage versus sunscreen developments and its regulation, are all relatively very recent. It could help explain why there is so much misunderstanding about UV damage, sunscreens, and sunscreen usage. Still today, many older adults are still under the impression UV damage only happens in the summer, so sunscreens are only necessary during the summer and only at the beach.

UV Care: the Beauty Thinkers philosophy

We use two Mineral Filters, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. Zinc oxide is a globally approved natural mineral ingredient and largely considered the most effective broad-spectrum UV filter, providing extensive protection against both UVA and UVB rays. The FDA has approved its safety. We use non-nano Zinc oxide.

Titanium dioxide is a globally approved natural mineral ingredient used as a UV filter in sunscreen products to protect the skin from harmful UV rays when exposed to sunlight. Titanium Dioxide is particularly effective for UVB protection. The FDA has approved its safety. We use non-nano Titanium Dioxide.

Many Mineral Filter sunscreens are formulated with only Zinc Oxide. 

We formulate exclusively with Mineral Filters as they are the recommended filters for sensitive skin. As a bonus, Mineral Filters are also a Hawaii-approved sunscreen where the chemical filters oxybenzone and octinoxate are banned. 

Beauty Thinkers UVA UVB SPF30 Mineral Filter is a daily broad-spectrum sunscreen with a uniquely elegant texture which glides on smoothly and evenly without any chalkiness – It took two years of R&D to formulate. 

It is not the usual pasty, thick texture typically found in other 100%, non-nano, Mineral Filter Sunscreens, which too often discourages consumers to include it in their daily skin care routine. To improve the texture, many “mineral filter” sunscreens are instead hybrids incorporating chemical filters into the product.

The secret ingredient of our innovative moisturizing sunscreen? Of course, it’s our beloved Enzymatic EVOO (extra-virgin oil), which gently melts into a healthy glow. It nourishes and moisturizes your skin during outdoor winter activities. Our UVA UVB SPF30 Mineral Filter is made with 100% vegan ingredients. It’s formulated with a plant-based and biodegradable alternative to silicone.

As you probably know, silicones are often used in sunscreens to create a smooth and pleasing feel: however, silicones are occlusive ingredients that may clog pores and lead sometimes to skin irritation and breakouts.  

That’s why we created a silicone free sunscreen which is easy to apply with an extremely elegant texture.

Our broad-spectrum sunscreen is suitable for all skin concerns. No critical issues were found for use during pregnancy or nursing.

How to use Beauty Thinkers SPF30 UVA UVB Mineral Filter

SPF30 UVA UVB Mineral Filter is recommended for all climates and seasons.

Apply generously to the face and neck 20 minutes before UV exposure as the last step of your morning skin care routine. If you are in the sun for extended periods of time, reapply it at least every two hours as you would do with any other sunscreen or SPF.

Though water-resistant, we recommend reapplying it also after sweating or swimming for consistent protection from UV rays.

Discover our complete Sun Care range and protect your skin all year round.


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