Can I use facial oil in the summer? 3 reasons why we can’t live without it.

Face oils are skin savers in the Autumn and Winter seasons. Plant-based face oils are naturally rich in fatty acids which help to moisturize and soften the skin when many of us are experiencing extreme skin dryness and roughness. During this period, our skin increasingly loses hydration due to intense indoor heating, abrasive winter winds, and low outdoor temperatures. This is when face oils are beneficial because they provide an occlusive layer to help seal in hydration and nourishing actives.

Due to its very nature of having a rich texture and being occlusive, users, in the past, generally reduced or stopped using their face oils altogether in the summer. It seemed counter-intuitive, especially for those with oily skin, in the summer.

Today, biotechnological advances allow us to uniquely remove greasiness from our ANTIOXIDANT BOOST Facial Oil and convert heavy free fatty acids into nourishing Free Fatty Acids. So, not only can you use our facial oil in the summer, we encourage it. Learn how insiders are using it to get a nourished, healthy skin glow in the summer and not an oily face.

So, let’s skip to the chase and get right to it.


Our Key Biotechnological Difference

Using biotechnological conversion, we created a significant and uniquely key difference which allows our ANTIOXIDANT BOOST Facial Oil to become desirable to use in the summer. How?

You see, traditional plant-based face oils make good emollients as they are rich in fatty acids. These fatty acids have long carbon chains which make it structurally difficult for the skin to absorb. So, they sit on top of the skin and act as an occlusive layer protecting the skin below.

This is especially great if you have dry, winter skin because it helps to seal in hydration and actives. It’s similarly like wearing a heavy cashmere winter overcoat to help retain body heat and keep you warm. But, wearing heavy cashmere in the summer? Not so great.

So, what makes ANTIOXIDANT BOOST Facial Oil different? Using biotechnology, we enzymatically convert our Italian extra virgin olive oil to remove greasiness and cut a portion of our fatty acids into short Free Fatty Acids which are now structurally small enough to be absorbed and able to directly nourish your skin barrier. We’re able to transform the winter overcoat into a summer-fresh, pressed juice.

In the best of both worlds, we purposely don’t convert all the fatty acids into Free Fatty Acids. The resulting semi-occlusive texture allows it retain its protective function without the dreaded heaviness or greasiness. This vanishing texture and nourishing function is uniquely ours. We are the only enzymatic extra virgin olive oil facial oil in the world.


A Boost Of Antioxidants

ANTIOXIDANT BOOST Facial Oil naturally contains Hydroxytyrosol, the new star of antioxidant potency.

To be sure, antioxidants are fundamental in any anti-aging routine (we believe that Pro-aging is the more accurate term) because they help neutralize highly volatile free radicals which cause skin cell and tissue damage over sustained periods of time (think wrinkles, and sagging).

But, in not so good news, everyday things like UV rays from the sun, pollution, and stress cause the formation of free radicals – things we can never escape entirely. What can you do?

FIRST, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily. This is your first defence against UV-generated free radicals.

SECOND, use a stable and non-irritating antioxidant. This will help neutralize free radicals in general.

Unfortunately, plant-based face oils naturally have low antioxidant activity. Yet, there is one rare exception – ANTIOXIDANT BOOST Facial Oil, naturally contains Hydroxytyrosol, well-known for its potent olive antioxidant activity that scavenges skin damaging free radicals and ability to withstand a highly oxidizing environment.1 And, a landmark study shows Hydroxytyrosol re-charges Vitamin C.2

So, you can boost the antioxidant activity of your favorite summer products, whatever they are.

1 Avola R et al. Hydroxytyrosol from olive fruits prevents blue-light-induced damage in human keratinocytes and fibroblasts J Cell Physiol, 2019

2 E. Lopez-Huertas, J. Fonolla, Hydroxytyrosol supplementation increases vitamin C levels in vivo. A human volunteer trial, Redox Biol 11, 384-389, 2017


It’s All About the Midnight Hour

Lastly, this insider’s technique is a game changer and will propel your summer routine from good to glorious. Soon, you too, will not be able to live in the summer without ANTIOXIDANT BOOST Facial Oil.

Here’s the thing, the skin regenerates itself while we sleep. This is why night routines include serums that contain hydrating, nourishing, and antioxidant actives – to support our skin during its process of renewal. Think now, how critically supportive this overnight process can become after a full day under the sun.

By simply shifting ANTIOXIDANT BOOST Facial Oil to your night routine, you take full advantage of its semi-occlusive texture to seal in nighttime serums and actives without leaving a trace of oiliness.

Beyond a shadow of doubt, the optimal usage time is during your overnight routine. It’s all about the midnight hour.

The next morning, you will wake to a noticeably dewy skin glow, not an oily face. This is how even oily skin users can use ANTIOXIDANT BOOST Facial Oil during the summer. What is the best facial oil in the summer? Experience for yourself the true enzymatic difference. You will not be able to live without it.

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