Raffaella Solcia, a spritz with the Italian makeup artist

5:30pm Milano, Italy. We’re back, taking a Spritz (4 Questions) with the ever delightful and beloved Italian Makeup Artist and Beauty Coach, Raffaella Solcia.

  1. Buonasera, Raffaella! Let’s speak about evening makeup, what is your approach?

    Buonasera! I really like doing important makeups, being able to make the most of people’s features with shades and colors. The makeup must last and be flawless even in the spotlight, so the skin must be perfect.
    For this type of base my secret is to add 1 drop of Antioxidant Boost to the foundation, this facilitates its application and makes the complexion more homogeneous.

  2. What are the emerging evening makeup trends for Autumn, especially in Italy?

    For evening makeup, the current focus, which will also continue for Autumn, is all about the eye which must be very elongated and surrounded by eyeshadow, but above all by long and thin lines of eyeliner according to the dictates of the Cat Eye.

  3. You have been using our Antioxidant Boost for evening on your clients. Tell us about that.

    Antioxidant Boost, I have to confess, is my favorite product in the line. It’s unique and extremely versatile, I haven’t yet found a product that can match it.
    I mix it with foundation to create an even more uniform base that stays supple for the duration of the makeup. Furthermore, in mixed skins I noticed an appreciable reduction in skin shine. In more mature or dull skins it also creates a plumped and toned skin effect which greatly helps the final effect of the makeup.

  4. Any Antioxidant Boost makeup secrets you are willing to share?

    I recommend using Antioxidant Boost both in the morning and in the evening.
    In the morning, after applying HYDRATOR 2 Dry Touch, I use Antioxidant Boost alone or better, mixed with a small amount of foundation to improve its performance.
    In the evening, after or together with HYDRATOR 1 Nourishing. Believe me after a short time your skin will have a breakthrough.
    I recommend it also and above all to those with sensitive and problematic skin because it has helped to reduce these problems on several people, me included.

Find Raffaella at:

Instagram: raffasolcia
Facebook: raffa solcia

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Antioxidant Boost

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Hydrator 1 Nourishing

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Hydrator 2 Dry Touch

Price — 48.00 

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